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Welcome on Flavio's Italian Shop new web site
By Admin (on 29/11/2011 @ 04:29:12, in About us, read 5312 times)

Flavio's Italian Shop - Nadi, FijiIt took us a while to decide how to improve our internet presence but after an intense month of work we can finally welcome you on the pages of Flavio's Italian Shop new web site. If you are familiar with the previous version of this web space you might notice that is all completely changed. The idea behind this new version is to provide more information to our visitors. Information that will not only cover the vast range of the products you can find in our Nadi store but also to provide updated news about upcoming new products, Italian recipes, local food and beverage news, suggestions, opinions, local events, information about our company Global Premium Service, photos, videos and much much more. In brief we made this new version of our web site more like a blog (online magazine) than a real company profile.

Sadly this web site looks a bit empty now but we will post new contents, pictures and videos on a regular basis starting from today.
Being a blog mostly means that every content we will post will be updated and you will be able to comment and leave your opinions, appreciations and to start discussions with us and other visitors.

Some of the main functionalities of our old web site are still there. You can still download our latest food shop price lists by logging in from the module on the right or you can still register if you haven't done it yet. We've improved this area of our website and for every new products we import we will also write news about it to help you be more and more familiar with our Italian style of living.

As per our furniture catalogue, we will keep it updated informing you about upcoming shipments and items... We will post about the next shipment that is coming our way tomorrow as well as uploading pictures of these items so you can place your enquiry easily before this stock will run out. Many of you know that the outdoor and indoor furniture we import changes most of the times so this new system will help you review our latest products even before they enter our doors.

Some of the new functionalities of the new web site include: better online sharing (you can share or rate our content on social networks or online book marking web sites), the creation of polls (look at the bottom right to participate in the first one), a google map to help you find the way to our doorstep, a robust internal search engines to help you find what you're looking for and a live feed of what is going on on our Facebook page.

From the very first day of this new experience we hope you will appreciate this new web site as you appreciate the fantastic range of products we offer in our Nadi store.

From all the staff at Flavio's Italian Shop, WELCOME and enjoy your visit.

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