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Poly Rattan and Water Wyachint furniture collections
By Admin (on 01/12/2011 @ 04:11:59, in Furniture, read 12671 times)

Poly rattan furniture available on request from Flavio's Italian ShopIt came to our attention that some visitors of the old version of our web site had problems accessing the collections of furniture on request.
To solve this issue we have created a new area to access these collections that can be accessed here or by clicking on the banner on the "Furniture Shop" page. Once you are on one of the collection pages you can view a large image of the items or click on the email icon to send us an enquiry about a specific item or set.

The system has been optimized for better performance and speed but, because we didn't want to break the collections in different pages, the loading of the Poly Rattan or the Water Wyachint collection might take few more seconds with slow connections. Please note that the furniture on these pages are available only on request unless specified in one of our posts.
Hope this will help.

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