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Flavio's Italian Shop dairy range just got bigger
By Admin (on 07/06/2012 @ 00:04:11, in Italiani food, read 79899 times)

Mr Joeli Vakabua (Fiji Biosecurity) shows a cow's passportAfter an interesting one week tour-de-force in Italy and Europe with a delegation from Biosecurity Authority of Fiji, we are glad to announce that our import permit is now including a lot of more of Italian fresh genuine products. Most of you know that it took us years to have the initial permits for a small seletion of cheeses and smallgoods. This, from a Fiji biosecurity point of view, is more than understandable. The fear for non-compatible products for Fiji's fragile eco-system is great. It was a fortunate occasion to be able to accompany the delegation to our Italian suppliers farms and production plants, a real interesting experience that demonstrated the high quality, seriousness and respect for the normatives and the environment of our suppliers to the delegation from Fiji. Now that local authorities know exactly how genuine and perfectly safe our products are, we are glad to introduce to Fiji...

  • Inside a cheese factoryGoat Crescenza
  • Fresh Goat Formaggella
  • Fontina Vera Aosta
  • Montasio
  • Mini Erborinato
  • Robiola di Grotta
  • Bocconcini Speziati
  • Bocconcini Allorati
  • Stagionato di Capra
  • Butter in can
  • UHT Milk

With the addition of these, our dairy range covers now more than 60 products.

Mr Joeli in Cannes for the 65 Film FestivalThese products are scheduled to arrive next week (between the 11th and the 15th of June 2012). If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for prices or pre-orders.

We take the occasion to thank Mr Joeli Vakabua (Biosecurity Authority of Fiji) for the support and kindness.
Visit the photo album of Flavio's last trip to Europe here.

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