E' Arrivata la mozzarella! (Mozzarella has arrived)
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Fresh Mozzarella now in FijiFollowing the success of our Italian fresh cheeses it is a great pleasure for all the staff at Flavio's to announce the arrival of one of the best and most famous cheese: Mozzarella. the first limited stock is in store since yesterday and is already selling very well. Before you jump from your chair and run to the shop or you pick up your phone to call us, let us reassure you that we will bring mozzarella regularly but it is important you understand that it is much better if you place your order for this item before we organize our next shipment.

First of all you must know that due to the freshness and the limited shelf life we import a very limited stock of this product. That's why we encourage you to place your order if you want to taste real mozzarella in all its richness. Do not worry, you will not wait long as we import our cheeses directly from Italy via air freight on average two to three times a month.

The types of fresh Mozzarella you will be able to order or find in our shop are:

  • Buffalo Mozzarella 6x250gr.. incredibly affordableMozzarella di Bufala (Buffalo Mozzarella)
    Single bags of 125 or 200 grams each in milky water
    Tray of 6 mozzarellas of 250 grams each (tot of 1.5kg in milky water)
  • Mozzarella classica (classic mozzarella)
    Single bags of 125 grams each
    Bucket of 10 mozzarellas of 200 grams each (tot of 2.0Kg in milky water)
  • Dry mozzarella for real Italian PizzaMozzarella per Pizza (dry mozzarella)
    Vacuum pack of 1 kg each

For all of you who still don't know what kind of cheese Mozzarella is, here's a brief description that will not offer you the incredible taste and softness of this premium Italian cheese but will give you an idea of what the fuss is all about:

Mozzarella di bufala - available in Fiji only at Flavio'sMozzarella di Bufala
Mozzarella from buffalo cow's milk made by Mauri is rigorously made with whole fat buffalo cow's milk, rennet, salt and naturally obtained milk whey. The result is a typically Italian, ready-to-serve soft cheese. It has a pleasantly acid flavour with a hint of musk and a sweet scent of fermented milk. It is pearly white in colour, has a smooth, shiny surface and a slightly elastic consistency.

Mozzarella has arrived in FijiMozzarella classica (vaccina)
The unmistakable taste of mozzarella from cow's milk is exalted by the quality of the milk used and the strict manufacturing process adopted by Mauri. Mozzarella from cow's milk made by Mauri is rich in milk enzymes and is the classic Italian soft cheese, with a firm yet elastic consistency and a milky white colour. It has a sweet, aromatic and slightly acid flavour and the scent of fresh cheese.

Also, we have just added 2 new fresh cheeses to our range:

Fiornoni di Capra now in Fiji at Flavio'sFioroni di capra (with chillies)
Fioroni di Capra are soft fresh cheeses, white right through to their soft crust, with an umistakable delicate taste. Made from pasteurised goat’s milk, they have a less salty taste than Caprì. Cylindrical in shape, they come in separate portions wrapped in paper and weighing on average 45 grams.

Capri' di capra - goat cheese now in FijiCapri' di capra
Fresh soft spreadable cheese, white right through to its soft crust and with an unmistakable delicate taste. Caprì di capra are made exclusively from full-fat goat’s milk. They should be eaten fresh to fully appreciate their exclusive delicateness. Caprì cheeses are packaged in portions weighing on average 80 grams.

All these and many more fresh and hard Italian cheeses can be found on our latest cheese price list that you can download for free by accessing our price list page using the "Download our latest price lists" module on the right.

Good appetite!