Cantine Paradiso, exclusively in Fiji at Flavio's
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New Italian wine range at Flavio's Italian Shop (Fiji)HAPPY 2013 EVERYONE!
A new year has begun and it is our pleasure to announce the arrival of some gorgeous new Italian wines in our Nadi store. These new additions to our already vast range will allow you to explore even more the original taste of Italian wines and will enrich your tables with exquisite fragrances from our motherland.
Amongst our new arrivals you will notice the appearance of a new winery, Cantina Paradiso, from Cerignola, in the sunny region of Puglia. Let us tell you a bit more about this winery and its wines.

Cerignola is located in the province of Foggia, near the middle of the plain called Tavoliere. Of alluvial origin, enjoys the protection of the Tableland to the north of the Gargano massif and west of the mountains of the Apennines Dauno Sub. To the east is the Gulf of Manfredonia that tempers the cold air in the winter come from the Balkans.
The soils are alluvial, stony, and to the sea, very sandy and saline. The climate is temperate in winter, with good rainfall, but very hot in summer: in July and August you can easily exceed 40 ° C and the rains are rare. In these climates and at these latitudes the vine has always been cultivated.
The first visual evidence dating back to IV-V century BC come from some wine cups richly decorated from the Dauni people. Some testimonies want the Nero di Troia, the native wine of these lands, arrived in Daunia led by Diomedes, the Achaean hero of the Trojan War. Passing by the legend to the present day, it is worth mentioning that Cerignola was, throughout the 1800s, the absolute protagonist of the wine market, bringing the export bottles of Nero di Troia to the French market.
Still today viticulture is one of the pillars on which rests the economy cerignolese with olive and wheat. The varieties grown are mostly Sangiovese, Trebbiano, Malvasia and Moscato. Less widely used for bottling the local grapes like Nero di Troia, the negramaro and the primitive.

Negramaro [red]
The Negroamaro is "Lu mieru" par excellence, a wine fromt the sun, the sea and the wind. Aroma of little black berries and Mediterranean soil return to the mouth in a clear, elegant and timeless performances.

Tasting notes:
The color is deep ruby ​​and notes of a fresh and balsamic cherry stands to the nose. Also highlighted the spicy notes of vanilla and cinnamon. The palate is full frame and the attack is soft, velvety and intense finish and structured.
Food pairing:
Ideal paired with cheeses and meats cooked in the oven.
Alcohol: 13.00 %

Uva di Troia [red]
The red of the tradition, born in Daunia overlooking the sea. The color is ruby ​​not impenetrable, and smells of red berries such as raspberries and currants. Fresh and crisp on the palate, impressive for ease of drinking.

Tasting notes:
Color impenetrable ruby. Intense aroma of red fruit and spices. It's a rich wine, soft and velvety, particularly for its pleasant to drink. The tannins are velvety, the finish is intense.
Food pairing: try the typical Pecorino and grilled meats.
Alcohol: 13.00 %

Salice Salentino [red]
Negroamaro, Malvasia and passion for wine from Puglia's most famous in the world. Deep and spicy, with hints of liquorice typical of Malvasia Nera, it has an impenetrable color with purple highlights.

Tasting notes:
Color dark and impenetrable, with violet reflections. The aromas of jam and liquorice typical of Malvasia Nera stand out on the nose. The tannins are smooth, composed and mouth back in the jam. The finish is pleasant and persistent.
Food pairings: excellent in meals based on ragoût with rolls or roast meats.
Alcohol: 13.00

Primitivo [red]
From the vineyards of Manduria, a wine with exuberant fruit, plum and black cherry. The notes of chocolate and a slightly spicy flavor profile completed a worthy of the best Apulian cuisine.

Tasting notes:
Deep purple color, with pronounced notes of fruits and spices typical of the grape. The palate is juicy, with no sharp edges and a good structure.
Food pairing: cheese and cured meat.
Alcohol: 13.50 %

Terraferma [red]
Terraferma is the attempt, highly successful, to combine two vines away to terroir and caratteriche flavor. The result is this wine that blends the freshness of Nero di Troia with the power of the Primitivo. Terraferma is a wine of great matter, dark tones of cherry and chocolate softened by a good push acid that invites you to sip.

Tasting notes:
Deep ruby ​​color with purple flashes. The nose has hints of ripe fruit, chocolate and vanilla that come back in the mouth. Good balance between fruit and tannins, long the ending.
Food pairings: cuttlefish ragout, pasta alla parmigiana.
Alcohol: 14.50 %

These are just 5 of the newly imported wines Flavio's Italian Shop offers to the Fiji market for 2013 and you can discover them all directly in our Nadi store or by downloading our brand new WINE AND LIQUOR price list from the box on the top right of this page.