Getting to know the Flavio's Italian Shop price list download area
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Flavio's Italian Shop in Nadi - Fiji's most original shopping experienceFlavio's Italian shop is a really dynamic environment. We're loud and passionate, we change and we are impulsive. We like International Milan and Ferrari (I know is not going well this year, don't mention it), we love who we are, we feel what we do and where we do it. We like to think of our Nadi shop like a little Italy in Fiji... all concentrated in a single room. Believe me when I say, this Fiji store is a shopping experience on its own!
But since Fiji is not that small a place, for all of those who cannot enjoy Flavio's "shopping experience" in Nadi, we have developped an online system to allow you to understand our products in detail... did I mention it gives you the prices too?
One of our price listsOur system is so easy that all you need is an internet connection and an email address. We're trying our best to make this as convenient and environmentally friendly as possible. We're publishing our price lists and we only send updates online.

We do still receive emails requesting copies of our price lists via email or fax, so we've decide to treat this post as a little "user manual" for both our new and long-term customers to give you the feel of and understand the "Flavio's Italian Shopping experience". Also, if while we're out sourcing authenitc Italian products for you, we might not be able to answer your personal queries immetiately, so plase log on to our "price list area"...all the info you're looking for might already be there.

The entrance panel for our price lists downoad areaTo gain access to our price lists is as easy as clicking and posting your puppy picture on Facebook.
All you need is an email address! On every page of our website you will find the "Download our price lists" panel (on the right).

  • If you have registered your email already, all you have to do is enter it in the "enter email" field and click the "Enter" button... there's our price lists!

  • If you haven't registered your email, well... just do it now! You don't know what you're missing: updated price lists, updated news, no spam at all.
    I said "no spam" because by registering your email you're accepting to receive our "Flavio's News" newsletter. Don't be upset about it, we don't want to write an email a day just to bother you (we've got better things to do and better ways to spend our time), we hate spam as well you know. We'll send out emails just on price changes, major news, or when there's something that you'll really need to know about our store and our products.

Going back to our price lists download page.
Inside our price list download areaIt is divided into "price lists". Today we have 3 (Food and Wine, Cheese and Smallgoods) but tomorrow could be more.
As I said before, ours is a dynamic environment, we change, we do and undo, we're impulsive, like in real life...
This is real Italian passionate living, it reflects on our web site and our business. won't get any better than this in Fiji!

Please remember; because we import goods from overseas we're subject to an ever changing exchange rate and because we want to please you all we try to keep a balanced stock but if we don't have what you're looking for we can guarantee we've got something you’ll like just as much.

The best ways to stay in contact and know about our news, updates and price changes are

1. Thru our exclusive mailing system
2. By regularly downloading our price lists.
3. By following us on our Facebook Page
4. By calling us... well after this post you better be a new customer

I personally suggest not to download the price lists but to read them online. With the fast web we have in Fiji it's easy and it taks seconds to copy and paste the items you need in an "order email".

Bookmark our website (so you will be able to read our latest posts too) and regularly enter our "download our price lists" area.

Just yesterday we've uploaded all our wines description sheets so you can know more about our many Italian wines to allow you to create your own niche market.

Is it so easy?
Yes! all you have to do is:

  1. Open our web site
  2. enter you email address in the right field and click enter (after you've register it)
  3. open or download our price lists or read the extra feature on the page
Flavio and IvanMAMMA MIA !!! IT IS SO EASY!
So? Still there? Register your email and enter our "Download Price Lists area" now!

Thanks for loving our food, wine and style.

All the best,